Causes and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is cancer that starts in the throat (trachea), major airways (bronchi) or lung tissue. The trachea, bronchi and stingray tissue are part of the respiratory system. Lung breathing (trachea), the air passages to each lung (lungs). The right lung is divided into 3 parts called the upper, middle and lower lobes. The left lung is divided into 2 parts called the upper and lower lobes.

Symptoms of lung cancer

If you experience symptoms such as the one below, immediately to see a doctor:
  1. Symptoms that do not want to disappear. You experience a cough that doesn't go away and gets even worse.
  2. Over time, a cough that does not disappear will be more painful, have a different sound than the usual cough, have phlegm or colored phlegm.
  3. Out of breath. You may feel short of breath when doing things that you normally do. Doctors call it dyspnoea
  4. Coughing up blood. When removing phlegm, red spots will appear in it. When it gets worse, there will be more blood spots.
  5. Pain or pain in the chest or shoulder. You may experience pain in your chest or shoulder.
  6. Loss of appetite. You can lose your appetite or may not want to eat foods that you normally like.
  7. Lost weight. Weight loss can occur quickly which is not caused by diet.
  8. Feeling very tired
  9. Infection of the chest.


To get a diagnosis, the doctor will examine you, ask about health conditions and general symptoms that are felt. The doctor will also listen to your breathing and see how much air is inhaled and exhaled. After that, the decision will be given to do a blood test or refer to a specialist.

As tips to help your doctor diagnose, there are several things you can prepare, such as:

Write down when the symptoms began, whenever the cough occurred and how often
Write down anything that can make a cough worse
Tell your doctor if you are concerned about cancer, especially if you have a family history of lung cancer
Ask your doctor to explain anything you do not understand
Ask your doctor to write down things that might help

The risks and causes of lung cancer

There are several risks and causes of lung cancer, namely smoking, exposure to radon gas (radioactive gas), chemicals, air pollution, lung disease that has occurred before, a history of lung cancer from parents or grandparents, immune system weak.

A healthcare friend, by knowing the symptoms, diagnoses, stage of lung cancer, the risks and causes, should make us understand more about lung cancer.